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By Staff Editorial

By Staff Editorial

We love the smell of convocation in the morning. It smells like… spray paint.

It’s been almost two years since any of us have stepped out of the Quad and into the portables on Lovekin Field.

Now that the Quad is nearing completion, one really starts to wonder if it was worth waiting for.

After millions of dollars have been poured into this prideful construction, it was open shortly for Convocation to showcase the beauty of the renovated Quad. Well, that was the original plan.

Lovekin Field isn’t so bad; the whole parking lot where the majority of the student body parks is right there next to the classes.

Then again, the grass is greener at the A.G. Paul Quadrangle, or maybe it’s just the spray paint fumes coming off of the grass making us feel that way.

The old Quad was renovated because it was infested with so many different animals that Charles Darwin could run research projects for years.

What was best about the Quad was that it was peaceful and calming. Not to mention that the trees and plant life around the surrounding area made everything within that vicinity just a little bit shaded and comfortable.

It would really help you forget rising book costs, tuition, that girl in your English class that thinks you’re a creep for offering her gum, etcetera.

You didn’t have to worry about looking for a place to hang out on campus because the Quad was it.

Since the Quad took so long to finish, now we can all hang out, oh, I don’t know, behind the Bookstore. Or hang out in the Auditorium during a play. Just not on stage; you might get tasered by the police.*

You could always hang out in Lovekin Field; at least it’s accessible.

The trees have withered away and some of the plants have been replaced with concrete slabs for bigger walkways. More due to the fact that construction workers had trouble keeping the place green during remodeling.

We think it might have been the fact that remodeling took so long.

It’s good to know that the administration feels that they’ve improved on the Quad. It’s even better to know that when it comes to certain things that the powers that be are “quick” to do something about it.

It’s a little depressing that some students have become so used to the quarantined area that when you mention the Quad, you’d have better luck calling it “the construction site.”

We might as well stay in Lovekin Field. We’ll never have any problems finding classes since the room numbers are big enough for anybody with a fourth grade education and at least one functioning eye to identify.

Don’t be discouraged; soon enough, the quad will open up and we’ll have more room for classes.

Not to mention that all that construction will finally be out of the way and we won’t have to invest our hard-earned money in Aspirin.

The only thing left to do is look forward to the new classrooms and the freshly painted lawn.

If you’d like to know when the Quad’s open, we’re sorry. That’s still up in the air. But our news story will give you more information. **

*Viewpoints does not condone shenanigans.

**Viewpoints does condone shameless promotion.

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