Quad hosts annual celebration

Trumpets blared and torches blazed in the A.G. Paul Quadrangle Sept. 13 as the Riverside City College Convocation ceremony began. It was the first chance in nearly two years for students, staff and faculty to get a look at the Quad. Torches were used to light the Lamp of Learning, described by Patrick Schwerdtfeger as a “symbol of unity.

More businesses relocated due to renovation

The Design Plan Project for redevelopment in Riverside has affected many business owners throughout the city. Many of these entrepreneurs have been affected by eminent domain. The Kawa market on Magnolia and Bandini closed and will be replaced with single family housing.

Leave Chris Crocker alone… seriously

In today’s age of technology and international broadcasting Web sites like youtube.com, anyone can be a celebrity or desperately try to make him or herself into one. With pop-culture commentators like Perez Hilton, you can become famous just for talking about famous people.

Fantasy Football is more than just a game

The thrill of defeat drives people to constantly check their fantasy football teams. Or was it the thrill of victory? In 2006, approximately 13 million people played in this relevantly new “sport” in which fake points are assigned to real statistics.

‘West Side Story’ makes gang wars fun

The only reason most students will show up to a play is for class credit. I get it. I understand. Most students think that theater is boring. They probably have never been to a Performance Riverside production. With thoughts of ‘let’s just get this boring thing done with already,’ students will pick a production that is conveniently on campus.

Men’s Soccer shuts out Valley

Although it is the most popular sport in the world Soccer has never approached stadium filling status in the United States. Judging by the excitement with which they took the field at RCC’s Norco Campus the Men’s Soccer team hadn’t heard the news. In its second shutout of the year on September 14 the Tigers defeated Imperial Valley College 2-0.

Yawn of the dead

In what can only be considered a crime against humanity, “Resident Evil” has been placed once again in the hands of Paul Anderson, who in turn butchers the film and slaps fans of the franchise in the face. In the third iteration of the series, we catch up with the cast, who have decided since the last movie that it’s best to stay on the road, “Mad Max” style in order to avoid the T-Virus that has spread around the globe since the last film in the series, leaving the world parched and decayed.

Kanye West proves arrogance beats bullets

The battle over good versus evil is as ancient as Cain and Abel, but when it is applied to two of the top rappers in the music industry today it seems so much more compelling. The chart war between 50 Cent and Kanye West started when 50 Cent, (real name Curtis Jackson III) declared that he would end his solo career as a rapper if West outsold him in album sales.

‘Even if it kills them’

“Screw you classical music, this is punk rock.” This is the statement that the pop/punk band Motion City Soundtrack seems to be making in the intro of their newly released third album “Even If It Kills Me.” The opening track entitled “I Fell In Love Without You” starts with various classical instruments being tuned and warmed up for a performance when a sudden jarring noise, which sounds like a guitar dying, cuts them short and Jesse Johnson’s moog screams into action.


We love the smell of convocation in the morning. It smells like… spray paint. It’s been almost two years since any of us have stepped out of the Quad and into the portables on Lovekin Field. Now that the Quad is nearing completion, one really starts to wonder if it was worth waiting for.

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