‘Balls of Fury’

“Balls of Fury” ruined my summer. In what can only be described as a poor man’s version of “Dodgeball,” the movie has neither the wit nor talent to save it from mediocrity. The plot centers on a down and out, Olympic-caliber ping pong player, Randy Daytona (Dan Fogler), who must infiltrate an underground ping pong tournament and bring down Feng (Christopher Walken), the Yakuza crime lord who murdered his father.

Showcasing new talent

The Showcase Theatre in Corona, California has seen its share of up-and-coming local acts, many of which have risen to prominence in their respective scenes. Avenged Sevenfold’s brand-new DVD, “All Excess,” sees lead singer M. Shadows go out of his way to speak about the times that A7X had on their way to the top at the Showcase (some good, and some.

Vick catches heat

The experts are wrong. It’s that simple. Michael Vick is never going to play in the National Football League again. Even the experts who admit to not liking Vick are talking about how he could make his comeback. Vick’s co-defendant’s plea agreements suggested that they receive 12 to 18 months in jail.

Interview with JB Brubaker, guitarist for August Burns Red

Your guys’ new record, “Messengers,” just came out recently…you guys are going on your first headlining tour to support that, is that right? Actually, we are not headlining this next tour. Evergreen Terrace is headlining. Oh, right on, are you excited to tour with those guys? Yeah, sure, we’re stoked.

Everyone’s a critic

In the Aug. 23-29 issue of Inland Empire Weekly, 10 journalists compiled a review of colleges in the Inland Empire, including Riverside City College. The outcome was a tactless degradation of many accessible colleges. In case some new students happened across this article, we’d like to show you the truth and fiction behind the review, which refers to RCC as a college with a “world-famous delayed adolescence program.

The compact disc hits its quarterlife crisis

For some of us, Aug. 17 is not a historically important date. But for technophiles and pop culture trivia buffs, Aug. 17 marks a relevant day in pop culture history. While it may be experiencing a quarter life crisis, the original data storage media has enjoyed a surprising 25 years.

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