Month: August 2007

The way of the warrior

Samurai swords, blood, guts, betrayal, revenge, murder and just a hint of comic relief to take the edge off. Now this is what a movie should be. Enter “Zatoichi,” the tale of a blind masseur, unassuming in appearance, but an unstoppable force to anyone who crosses him.

Shuffle up and deal with ‘Showdown’

Every once in awhile, at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas, Bravo Television films something magical. It films big-name celebrities losing large sums of money doing something many ordinary people do once a week and enjoying it all the while. No, it’s not an odd version of “The Rich and the Famous” or even a rip-off of VH1’s “The Surreal Life.

Staff and students oblivious to $350 million bond

A $350 million bond was issued to RCC this year, however, staff and students seem unaware of how the money is being planned to be spent or that the funds even exist. Measure C was approved by voters when it was put on the ballot in March 2004. The bond measure is set to fund a multi-level parking structure, a school for the performing arts and other various construction projects on all three campuses.

No good will here

“The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you!” Well, maybe not. When asked what the two greatest horror movies of all time are, two classics immediately come to mind. Alfred Hitchcock’s timeless “Psycho” has been feared by film afficionados and casual fans alike for years.

Editor’s pull list

During an open panel at the 2002 Wizard World convention, DC Comics unveiled plans that all its Superman titles would see a major creative change in 2004. In addition to adding three new titles, DC also announced that all new creative teams were in place to take over its existing serials in April.