Month: August 2007

RCC education free?

Society tells us that anything worth having is worth working for. So we work hard and even though enrollment fee increases are a hassle, we continue to pay them in the hopes that someday we’ll earn that money back. Although many struggling students and penny-pinched parents would like a college education to be free, this is not reality.

Smokers neglected after ban

As if there aren’t enough bans against smoking, adults paying to attend college can’t smoke on campus. There are a few exceptions, like the designated smoking areas, but even those hardly exist. Two years ago RCC’s Board of Trustees approved the ban of cigarette smoking and put it into effect in 2003, making RCC only the third public college in the state to become non-smoking.

Cosmetology camp-out

Students gathered in tents, blankets, and lawn chairs as they waited for the 90 available spots in the upcoming night and day RCC Cosmetology program enrollment that was to take place Oct.3. Aimee Crawford, who had arrived the night before the line-up was to take place and who was first in line, said that she enjoyed being around people and enjoyed doing other people’s hair.

RCC professor spotlight

With six “Teacher of the Year” awards and a novel résumé, it’s no surprise Professor Jan Kollitz is one of the best English professors at Riverside Community College. In our two hours together I went from interviewer to interviewee. Kollitz wanted to know everything she could about me, which is a testament to who she is, and what makes her such a wonderful teacher.

Dr. James Mehegan honored

In memory of James M. Mehegan, geology instructor, beloved husband and brother-faculty, friends, and students alike came together on Sept. 16 in the Quad to celebrate Mehegan’s life during the memorial held in his honor. Several faculty members spoke of their valued friendship with Mehegan and shared their respect for him as a person.