Month: July 2007

ASRCC election fraud causes re-vote

In an ASRCC presidential election wrought with controversy, Dany Wilson and Eddie Sanchez defeated Lupita Torres and Pedro Salcedo in a race that came to special election re-vote. The original election, held on April 27, 28 and 29, elected 17 new senators but was unable to produce a new student president and vice president because of several grievances filed to the student Supreme Court against some of the candidates involved.

Is this a college… or a boxing ring?

Fighting and bickering have a safe and secure home at RCC as the semester comes to an end. Whether it’s the administration fighting will the faculty or student government members arguing amongst themselves, it’s always something. What’s incredibly disturbing and to be quite frank, infuriating, is that these people could accomplish so much more if they would stop arguing and put their collective noses to the proverbial grindstone.

Report guides, challenges RCC

An independent audit of the Riverside Community College district was conducted by the former president of The Press-Enterprise, Marcia McQuern. The report she submitted to the Board of Trustees provides a guideline for the districts plan to segregate the RCC campuses into three separate colleges.

Problems plague bookstore

Between running a bookstore as a business, timely and not-so timely book requests from instructors, and delivery from the suppliers, some students are finding themselves without the privilege of purchasing expensive text. Jeremy Denis, who is responsible for book ordering at the Riverside Campus Bookstore, said that the Bookstore operates on a balance between business and serving the needs of the campus.