Month: May 2007

Review of Static-X’s ‘Cannibal’

2005 was a largely tragic year for the world of metal. Forgettable releases from once great bands, including Mudvayne (“Lost and Found”) and Rammstein (“Rosenrot”), plagued those 12 months, dropping morale of the community as that dreadful question seemed to pose itself more and more prominently; “Is metal on its last legs?” A potential “yes” answer was further cemented with Static-X’s “Start A War,” a mediocre disc (at best) showcasing some wildly uninspired lyrics on frontman Wayne Static’s part, shouted over some decent riffs that made fans long for the days of “Wisconsin Death Trip,” the band’s 1999 debut.

Rotella departs from RCC

A legend of the Riverside Community College District leaves office this summer, just before RCCD faces its task of accreditation. Chancellor Salvatore Rotella will retire in August. In a special interview with Viewpoints, Rotella shared his thoughts, including why he has chosen to retire now. “I chose to retire for personal and professional reasons,” Rotella said. “Isn’t it normal to retire when one has reached 72? I guess it’s a point in life where I believe a change is necessary… and that’s what I want to do.” When asked about his favorite experience at the college, Rotella spoke of making the college what it is today.

Student candidates look to make a change

One of the key principles the Riverside City College Student Government would like from the student body is to get involved, to make a “difference.” The student election process began May 1, the candidates met at the Student Government office, where Viewpoints was able to talk to two of the candidates, Elsa Rodriguez (for student senate) and Maximo Arriola (for Vice President), about the election, student involvement and voter turn-out.

RCC Celebrates the last ‘Dance’

Modern Dance is “punk rock.” As Riverside City College student Brianna Barett summed up, modern dance is a departure away from most of the standards, rules and conventions of Classical dancing like ballet. It blends styles of the former and adds free flow movement as well as a center on individual expression.

Obama club starts on campus

The 2008 presidential race just might be one of the most interesting yet in comparison to previous races. The upcoming elections have everyone wondering who will win. With such candidates as Hilary Clinton, Bill Richardson, Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama there’s definitely an assortment of candidates.

The haunting of the Inn

I just want to get out of here. My initial feelings were that of fear while exploring the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa, a creepy old building in the heart of Riverside’s downtown area. Standing four stories tall and taking up an entire block, the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa is one of the most beautiful and creepiest buildings I’ve ever been in.

Nine Inch Nails sets the clock back to ‘Year Zero’

“Year Zero” is the only political party people will be able to dance to this year. Nine Inch Nails’ auteur Trent Reznor’s sixteen track compilation of industrial-rock and synthesized hip-hop beats is one of Nine Inch Nails’ better releases. “Year Zero’s” production was influenced by Public Enemy’s “Bomb Squad” as well as the album’s political themes and concepts.