Plight of the living dead

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By Sofia Donascimento

By Sofia Donascimento

There are people actually killing for money and stealing from the dead. Most of us probably had to deal with problems with our family, but now families are declaring relatives dead to claim their inheritances.

After being declared dead and having his inheritance stolen from him, Lal Bihari, a lower cast villager from India, formed the “Union of the Dead.”

It is pretty absurd to need to have a union for the dead. The union is not exactly for the dead, but it is for people who were declared dead and could not prove they were alive.

The problem Bihari had to face was not being affluent enough to prove his existence. Even the fact that Bihari was present in court did not help him prove he was alive.

This just goes to show how a corrupt system works. Since Bihari did not have money or good connections, he wasn’t able to prove he was a victim to a scam.

The court did not give much importance to his case, so it took a long time for him to finally prove his existence. It took about twenty years for Bihari to prove he was alive.

If the court takes so long to process files, people declared dead can actually be dead by the time the case is reviewed.

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