Akon feeling the heat

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By Desiree Perez

By Desiree Perez

Since when did getting in touch with an audience involve touching them inappropriately? Well, since Akon crashed the scene.

At an April 12 concert, Akon danced on stage in an extremely sexual manner with a female fan. But it wasn’t the dancing that created a buzz.

When video clips of the concert began to circulate the Internet, it became public that the female fan was only 14-years-old.

It seems that Akon is taking some pointers from R-Kelly on this one.

You want to know the kicker? The album Akon was promoting at that concert is titled “Konvicted.”

That word will take on a whole new meaning to the singer if the girl’s family decides to press charges.

The singer has apologized for any embarrassment he has caused the girl or her family. Still, Akon insists that he is not at fault, because the venue was only supposed to admit those 18 or older.

He’s got a point. In the middle of a show you can’t possibly card every person who suddenly makes it on stage. You card them at the door and, if they’re underage, you don’t let them in to begin with.

While dancing suggestively with a minor is not OK, Akon didn’t force himself on this girl. Kids are going to act young and idiotic, and embarrass their parents. She should have just waited until she was 18 to do it.

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