Nine Inch Nails sets the clock back to ‘Year Zero’

“Year Zero” is the only political party people will be able to dance to this year. Nine Inch Nails’ auteur Trent Reznor’s sixteen track compilation of industrial-rock and synthesized hip-hop beats is one of Nine Inch Nails’ better releases. “Year Zero’s” production was influenced by Public Enemy’s “Bomb Squad” as well as the album’s political themes and concepts.

Student flute and bassoon recital surprises audience

I must admit… I was a bassoon virgin. Having never heard the sound a bassoon makes or even what it looks like, I went to the Riverside City College Flute and Bassoon studio recital on May 10. And wow, not only was it enjoyable but the performances from the students was very impressive.

Abbott, Gray say ‘Hellyeah’ to southern rock

In the world of rock music, the term “supergroup” is becoming increasingly easier to find. Take, for example, the success of Audioslave. Active from 2001 up until just recently, the Grammy-nominated group (consisting of former Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell and members of Rage Against the Machine) saw all three of their albums break the Billboard Top Ten.

Joe Rogan declares ‘Shiny Happy Jihad’ on comedy

“You mean the guy from Fear Factor is a comedian?” This is likely to be a sentiment echoed many times over with the release of Joe Rogan’s “Shiny Happy Jihad.” Although Rogan is most widely known for his role as the host of NBC’s “Fear Factor,” he has been a fixture on the stand-up comedy scene for several years.

Plight of the living dead

There are people actually killing for money and stealing from the dead. Most of us probably had to deal with problems with our family, but now families are declaring relatives dead to claim their inheritances. After being declared dead and having his inheritance stolen from him, Lal Bihari, a lower cast villager from India, formed the “Union of the Dead.

What exactly is a Web site?

In a time where the Internet reigns supreme, one judge is still learning how to use it. In London, the trail of three men that were charged with terrorism via the Internet, showed just how old school one judge was. The judge told the prosecutor early on that he did not know what a web site was.

Low gas prices unfair?

With gas prices as high as they are, you would think consumers would jump at the chance to get a break. No one would have thought that trying to give people discounts on gas was such a bad thing. In Wisconsin, a service station offered senior citizens a discount, as well as discount cards to support local youth sports.

Akon feeling the heat

Since when did getting in touch with an audience involve touching them inappropriately? Well, since Akon crashed the scene. At an April 12 concert, Akon danced on stage in an extremely sexual manner with a female fan. But it wasn’t the dancing that created a buzz.

RCC Track review

Nine and a half points separated fourth place Riverside City College from first place Pasadena City College. The competition was tight, with less than 3 points between RCC and second place finishers Moorpark, who took first place at the Southern California Men’s Track competition.

Command and Conquer 3 review

“With this attack we castrate their ability to retaliate. Castrate, I love that word,” says Ajay (Josh Holloway, “Lost”) in “Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars.” EA Games adds another great and witty game in the Tiberium universe with “Tiberium Wars.” The “Command and Conquer” series is probably the most successful real time strategy game series on the market.

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