Foo Fighters bare it all for ‘Skin and Bones’

He has played Satan on the silver screen, jammed with David Bowie and was even covered by the legendary artist Prince at the most recent Super Bowl. It’s safe to say that Dave Grohl is a modern-day Midas; everything he touches turns to gold, and his latest release with the Foo Fighters, “Skin and Bones,” only confirms his effortless talent.

It’s that time of year again

It happens every year, and chances are it’s happened to you. Students are dropping like flies, and it has something to do with the season. It’s spring. The clouds have cleared up, the rain has died down and the only winds blowing are the warm Santa Anas.

Activists say ‘Shrek’s too fat’

Get fit like an ogre. Shrek is the new spokesperson for the “Be a Player” campaign, which is being promoted by the Ad Council’s Coalition for Healthy Children and DreamWorks Animation. The catch phrase for the campaign is “Get up and play an hour a day.

Looking inside ‘The Shadow Box’ of life and death

Everyone is going to die sooner or later. Although I’m sure most would rather die later than sooner, it is the one unifying experience that has plagued humanity since the beginning of time. Death makes us question our lives. Questions such as, if we only had more time to spend time with our loved ones, or accomplish a lifelong but far away dream.

Riverside police, firefighters honored

The 2007 American Legion District 21 Law & Order Awards were held at Post 79, which is located in Fairmont Park. “The American Legion is a veterans’ organization comprised of members of the military from all branches who served during times of war” says 1st Vice Commander Pete Ramos.

Outreach reaches out to RCC

Riverside City College’s outreach program encompasses what seems to be all things college. From campus tours, to presentations to putting together school functions, those working in outreach can help answer questions regarding college. The Outreach center is located behind Admissions in a little portable.

Students ‘Dance Dance’ to fitness

Put away the footballs and basketballs, and bring out the dance pads for fitness. “Dance Dance Revolution” is the game kids want to play. With the constant attention obesity claims in our society lately, there’s finally someone taking action against it.

Marines drop new recruit due to violent essay

One kid’s essay is another school’s fear. One student had been denied entry into the Marines because of his violent and disturbing essay. The student, Allen Lee, was told that he was allowed to write freely about anything and that his writing was not to be judged or be censored.

The hazardous effects of text messaging

OMG! f U cn rED DIS U R textspeak literate. f U cn not rED DIS, dun panic d wAv of txt spkN hz yt 2 hit U. ROFLMAO. The above statement is sure to make English instructors break into an uncontrolled frenzy. “Text Speak,” or txt spk for the savvy, has infiltrated the screens of cellular phones, LCD computer screens and even some college papers.

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