Fighting back with video games

Trade in your machine guns for digital artillery! Last March, Mexican police put forth a plan to battle crime in Mexico City by allowing residents to bring in guns for cash, PCs, or Xboxs. The barrio of Tepito was to be the initial test to see if the plan is successful.

Driving drunk is for dummies

Let’s say for example that you killed someone while driving drunk. For the sake of conversation, we’ll say that it was a mother and her two year old child. The penalty for this crime would be a night in the drunk tank and a cheap bail. I guess that’s okay, especially if the victims’ family wasn’t ready for the loss of a mother and a young child.

Riverside parade honors veterans

Veterans Day was back in November, but honoring the U.S. armed forces veterans isn’t something that has to be delegated to just once a year. This was the idea behind the “A Salute to Veterans” parade, now in its second year, on April 21. Riverside City College served as the staging area and start of the parade, which then stretched to the Riverside County Courthouse downtown.

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