Pop princesses duke it out- Avril versus Britney!

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By Carlos Macias

By Carlos Macias

If you’re in show business, you act accordingly. You get drunk, get arrested and yell out any insulting remarks that come to mind.

Britney Spears is no different. Her recent trips to rehab have apparently affected more than just the pop star. The singer/actress has caught the eye of her fellow industry colleagues like rocker Avril Lavigne who has been openly negative.

In an interview with the London Sun, she looks down on Spears’ afflictions saying “what’s happened to Britney is all down to who she is as a person.”

Lavigne goes on to say that Britney needs to stop complaining if she wants a piece of the business. I’m not on either Britney or Avril’s side of the argument, but the reason Avril even cares is interesting.

Avril’s rise to fame because of her ridiculous “Sk8er Boi” song five years ago must have given her a false sense of superiority. Her quips about Britney seem to tie in nicely with her recently released “Best Damn Thing.”

Avril’s self-forced time in the limelight is likely a ploy to actually sell a copy or two. Based on the blatantly arrogant title of her CD, I will definitely not check it out as it’s probably anything but.

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