An ‘American Idol’ upset; Sanjaya out!

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By Sofia Donascimento

By Sofia Donascimento

Being the worst has never been better! Sanjaya Malakar, American Idol’s favorite runner-up is no longer on the show. Of course, to him that is not bad news since he continues to be a major media hit.

I mean, he even got invited to the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Going to the White House is a huge prize. Sanjaya is getting more media attention than the other American Idol contestants.

Although he probably won’t be getting a job as a singer, he definitely doesn’t need to worry about getting a job at all. If all else fails, he can definitely get a job as a hair model. I’ve always heard that a great hair style can make a great impression, now I’m sure that’s true.

I think Sanjaya was the best thing that could have happen to American Idol. The show has become so tediously repetitive that Sanjaya actually helped the show become more interesting.

In a weird way Sanjaya’s prolonged stay in the show praised the idea of persistence.

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