Lord of the ‘roids: one drug to rule them all

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By Adrian Pascua

(Leonardo Pineda)

By Adrian Pascua

On a lighter side of the news, several World Wrestling Entertainment wrestlers have been accused of using steroids.

Those among the accused are Randy Orton, Adam Copeland (Edge), Oscar Gutierrez (Rey Mysterio Jr.), Shane Helms (Gregory “Hurricane” Helms), Kurt Angle and Eddie Guererro, who died in 2005.

Multiple medical records have shown that many of those who were listed all went to the same doctor to have their steroid prescriptions filled: Dr. David Wilbirt of Arizona. According to WWE spokesman Gary Davis, WWE wrestlers are prohibited from using any performance enhancing drugs.

Sports illustrated journalists Luis Fernando Llosa and L. Jon Wertheim were the ones to expose this scandal. They accompanied authorities in the February raids.

Other professional athletes involved in this latest scandal are home run king Jose Canseco and former heavy weight champion Evander Holyfeild.

WWE CEO Vince McMahon was accused of something similar when he was put on trial for distributing and using steroids 13 years ago.

The fact that everyone just figured this out is more than surprising to me. If you didn’t already know or at least assume that pro wrestlers were taking steroids then I really don’t know what to say. The only thing that I can tell you is that not everyone takes the route of hard work to get what they want.

The ones that do should really be praised for their perseverance. For those who take the short cut to fame, you don’t have the right to what you have. It’s not always going to be easy for you especially since you don’t have the right to be anything less than ashamed.

I understand that you probably put in a lot of hard work, but you only hurt yourself by taking steroids to help increase you performance. I’m not impressed or surprised you did what you did.

Now that WrestleMania 23 is around the corner, there’s no way that the WWE will be able to avoid this entire media situation. Don’t worry though, since society puts our professional athletes and actors/singers at a higher priority than anything else, you’ll probably get off scott free.

The fact everyone is just finding out about this just now, shows how ignorant some people can be. Let’s go back to rehab where everyone is on drugs, alcohol or just plain stupid.

Maybe they should send all these wrestlers to rehab. They could work through their anger management issues with Britney Spears and Mel Gibson. Due to the nature of the accusations none of the WWE athletes are releasing comments at this time.

The problem with this kind of accusation is that no one will take the blame or will even be convicted, just like Mark McGwire. It’s pretty obvious that a lot of athletes take steroids, but nobody’s going to say anything about it because they make billions of dollars every year.

This one isolated incident won’t be the last one in the history of pro wrestling. You guys out there who use steroids are welcome to lose the function of certain “things” you’ll probably want to use later on in life, so good luck with that.

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