YouTube clips of the week

I didn’t get to see the Hugh Grant/Drew Barrymore movie “Music and Lyrics” but after seeing this video a dozen times I wish I had. In the film Grant plays a washed-up 80s pop star and this clip is his band’s video “Pop! Goes my Heart.” Full of cheesy 80s

Tennis team finishes season with strength

Both the men’s and women’s tennis teams of Riverside City College concluded their dual meet seasons the way they wanted to: with victories. The men’s team concluded their season with a 7-2 victory over Fullerton in an Orange Empire conference match up. With a victory over Fullerton, the men’s team secured a second place finish in the Orange Empire conference, and received a spot in the regional playoffs as well.

Providing support behind athletes

They can be seen on the sidelines at every sporting event. They are cheering on the team with fervor, handing out water and watching the game with a careful eye. They are also the ones who run out on the field during an emergency. Riverside City College’s athletic trainers are part of the reason RCC athletes are playing their best games every week.

Who’s afraid of the big bad bat?

As of September, New York City high school students will no longer be bringing their metal bats to school. Of course, wooden bats will still be fine. This is the result of the New York City Council’s latest effort to make the nation’s future safer, starting in its fair city.

Foley’s ‘Diaries’ shows the pain of pro wrestling

A mutilated ear. Concussions. These are just a few of the “speed bumps” in the career of semi-retired professional wrestler Mick Foley, who also happens to be a New York Times Bestselling author. His third autobiography, entitled “The Hardcore Diaries,” is less of his own life story and more an insight into the insane world of professional wrestling.

Ubi Soft hits the mark with ‘Warfighter’

With all the Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, and Ghost Recon sequels Ubisoft is pumping out every 3 months, we might as well rename the Xbox 360 the “Tom Clancy’s Xbox 360: Advanced cash cow.” Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 brings the series hero, Scott Mitchell, back to the US-Mexico border to combat, you guessed it, terrorists.

Two court cases connected to RCC, two bad punishments

In the last couple of months, there have been some developments in two cases that are connected to Riverside City College, one involving former administrator Bill O’Rafferty and the other with the death of student Reyna De Leon. In both cases a major crime was committed, although in the end no one will end up doing any major time in prison.

Machinehead mini album packs a big punch

If you’re looking for a definitive heavy metal album for the current generation, look no further than “The Blackening.” The latest release from Oakland’s premier metal outfit, Machine Head, has already made countless “Best of 2007” lists, and has even been said to be a “Best of the Decade” candidate in just a few years’ time.

Electric Six infects the Key Club

“I Buy the Drugs.” “Infected Girls Do It Better.” On the ever-glamorous Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, hundreds of fans have packed into the Key Club, some adorned with t-shirts bearing outlandish statements like these. Each and every one of them is here to see Electric Six, a band just over a decade old that has risen to prominence with their one-in-a-million brand of disco-influenced rock music.

Car enthusiasts feel the heat at ‘Nightshift’

Hot cars, hot girls, hot music at Hot Import Nights: Nightshift. This was the scene at the Pomona Raceway on March 24. Cars from the islands of Japan to streets of the California owned the night and the limelight. Hundreds were in attendance, whether it was to see the cars, watch half-naked women pose scandalously on the hood of a car one could only dream about, or to watch rappers Fabulous and Chingy perform.

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