Month: March 2007

Welcome to hell

Meet Maher Arar. When he was 17 years old, Arar moved to Canada from Syria. Arar eventually earned his master’s degree in telecommunications, got a good job and started a family. Things were going well for him. Maher had a loving wife, two beautiful children, and a rewarding business.

The mid-semester burnout

Walking around campus there is an all-too-familiar sight. A dazed student clutching a Monster energy drink as if letting it go would cause the world to implode. The student rushes into class in the nick of time where he looks through his belongings for some sort of pencil and in a whirlwind of papers and candy bar wrappers, finds his notes for a little last minute studying before the big test.

Mr. Perfect: The Grudge

It wallows deep within the subconscious waiting to be released upon the world in a wave of frenzy and terror. It can be inside anyone, even you. No, I’m not talking about that horrible movie “The Grudge” starring fabulous Sarah Michelle Gellar and her hot honey Jason Behr.

Election time at RCC

It’s election time again, and the race is on. With three seats available on the Riverside Community College District Board of Trustees, nine candidates are competing for your votes on Nov. 7. There will be ten names on the ballot, but challenger Keith “Cordoba” McCarter has been ruled ineligible in Riverside County because he was registered in two counties concurrently Kathleen Daley and Grace Slocum will not be running for reelection.

Welcome to ‘The Black Parade’

Citing rock giants like Queen and Smashing Pumpkins as influences, New Jersey-based five-piece My Chemical Romance has released its third studio album, “The Black Parade.” The disc is a concept album, similar to Pink Floyd’s classic “The Wall.” The “Black Parade” revolves around a person known simply as “The Patient.

Teaching from a ‘Swing State’ of mind

So, what else do you need in life when you’ve got nearly everything you’ve ever wanted? Well, if you’re lucky enough to be Peter Curtis, the answer is obvious: You reach for more.  At the age of 36, this accomplished composer, recording artist, tenured instructor, and (soon-to-be) musical theater impresario continues to scout out new worlds to conquer.

Fighting the good fight

I’ve known Nick Freidlein for several years and I’m certain that he is extremely brilliant. Freidlein, 20, is a transfer student from Auburn University and has been honored on the Dean’s List every year since he began his college education. Over summer, Freidlein received an onslaught of offers from various universities in Southern California.