The greatest show that you may never see in your life

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By Corinne Love

By Corinne Love

For those of you going to Coachella, congratulations!

For those of us not going now would be a time to ignore your friend’s constant enthusiasm of phrases like “I’m going to Coachella!”

Really, who would not be excited to go to one of the biggest music festivals in Southern California?

In past years, Coachella has offered the concert-going delights of Depeche Mode, Bjork , Mos Def, The Cure, Tool, Beastie Boys, an piles upon piles of music’s creatively endearing and musically eclectic.

Fans of the festival often show up for the headliners, only to be rewarded with second and third stages of up and coming artists and indie favorites.

That would mean, going to see Sonic Youth, you’d have to sit through a dozen other bands that you may or may have not heard of.

It was at Coachella that Massive Attack and Madonna played at the same venue.

The only other place where audiences can get this sort of sonic buffet would be awards show or the next Live 8 benefit.

Set in the vast desert of Indio, the Coachella music festival has room to spare, hosting twenty five thousand attendees.

This year, once again, Coachella will be the music festival to see.

In a pop cultural historic event, the disbanded Rage Against the Machine will reunite.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers will also be making an appearance in the hot desert valley.

No wonder tickets sold out for the festival at an alarming rate.

Specifically, Rage Against the Machine managed to sell out the pre-sale.

As of now, Coachella is sold out.

If you are attending Coachella, there are a couple of pointers you may want to consider before venturing out to the desert.

Coachella’s official site offers an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section.

The FAQ spans from what you can’t bring to Coachella (umbrellas) to what will be inside the venue and what will not (pay phones).

If you didn’t reserve a hotel in time for the show (those are all booked by now) you still have the option of camping out.

Coachella: April 27 through April 29.

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