The future of spring fashion

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By Corinne Love

By Corinne Love

Flowers, space cadets, pin-up girls , and sports are not usually connotative of spring. However, for the spring 2007 collections designers were sending models running down the runway in ensembles crafted from the unlikeliest places.

The spring collections did not evoke spring sentiments but carried the aesthetics from fall’s showings.

Black continues it’s mainstay as a staple of current trends, the majority of designers revamped the color with bold pop art prints using white as a foreground.

Luella’s collection comprised of slacks, (a relaxed pant), pattern -oriented jumpers, pinafores, and splashes of pink among stark blacks and whites.

A particular trend that may surprise consumers and fashionistas alike is the decline of the low rise and the return of the high-waist. On runways from London to Milan, slacks, tights and shorts were spotted as the staple to replace ill fitting low rise jeans.

Runways from London to Milan, favorably sported slacks, tights and shorts opposed to the ill fitting, often ill styled low rise jean.

The ready to wear collections also reflected the democratization of fashion. As designers jump on board to co-opt with retail chains, the looks found in the spring collections could be described as consumer ready.

Prouenza Schuler the designers featured in Target’s GO! campaign, showcased geometric designs, high waisted skirts, in varying blues. Schuler’s collection reflected a mobility for the wearer rarely seen in modern fashion design.

If mobility seemed to be a theme for many of the collections, then Y-3’s collection was mobility at it’s finest. Y-3 which is Yohji Yamamato and Addidas sport line embodied the sport fanatic’s most vivid dream.

Athletic models strutted down the runway in bold nylon oranges, slouchy black track suits and monogrammed jersey dresses.

The revival of pin up culture has also found its way into designer’s sketchbooks. Looks sampled on the collections mimicked what could have been seen in the 50’s.

Whether it was high waist skirts, cinch belts, the femininity often associated with 50’s fashion could be seen in Moschino and Zac Posen.

However amidst throwbacks to another era, collections were consistent of purporting an image of the future.

Metallic could be seen just about everywhere in shiny golds and incandescent silvers, the colors were constructed in materials drawing from the 50’s image of what the 21st century would be like.

Balenciaga, Costume National and Lanvin sent models down the runway in plastic and synthetic materials, designed to mold the body and technology as a single unit.


For those of us who dress to meet style with function (and avoidance of bizarre stares) Y-3, Prouenza Schuler and Luella hit the target.

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