Day: March 23, 2007

The greatest show that you may never see in your life

For those of you going to Coachella, congratulations! For those of us not going now would be a time to ignore your friend’s constant enthusiasm of phrases like “I’m going to Coachella!” Really, who would not be excited to go to one of the biggest music festivals in Southern California? In past years, Coachella has offered the concert-going delights of Depeche Mode, Bjork , Mos Def, The Cure, Tool, Beastie Boys, an piles upon piles of music’s creatively endearing and musically eclectic.

MxPx ‘lets it happen’ … again

The nearly 15-year old MxPx has, over the years, been as influential on the genre of pop punk as any other band that has come along, touching fans with upbeat melodies and inspirational lyrics. In 1998, a B-sides album called “Let It Happen” was released, containing many rare tracks from the early stages of their career.

Twenty-four hours later

Sheer panic, disbelief, and so much boredom resulted from the temporary loss of Internet here at Riverside City College on March 2. The loss made some of us realize just how much we need the Internet. As college students, we practically live off of Internet use nowadays.

Music companies now targeting college students

As college students we don’t have much money on our hands. With the pens, notebooks, gas needed to get to school, and especially all the books we have to buy, most of us will look for any way to get something, anything, for free. Free is not a word the music industry likes to hear and the Recording Industry Association of America is making sure students get the message.