Day: March 17, 2007

Viewpoints Zodiac coverage

With the recent release of the film “Zodiac”, we decided to run an online exclusive look at the film and its connection to Riverside City College, through the unsolved murder of student Cheri Jo Bates in 1966. Included in the coverage is a review of the film, a blog about the connection and every article that the student newspaper of RCC printed on the student’s death.

‘This is Sparta’

Arguably one of early 2007’s most eagerly anticipated films is Zack Snyder’s “300.” An adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel of the same name, “300” is stylistically cut from the same cloth as the last film adapted from Miller’s work, 2005’s film noir throwback “Sin City.

A signature laugh silenced

Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, Mother Teresa – all world renowned influential people. But not being famous does not mean a person is any less influential. Leah Turrey was a common fixture around campus. With a cane, slow walk, big smile and a squeaky, infectious laugh, many people saw Leah around campus without even realizing who she was.

Vela vies for chancellor position

During more than 35 years of working in education, Noelia Vela has built a reputation of her numerous honors and is the president/superintendent of Cerritos College. Adding to these achievements, the Riverside Community College District has selected Vela as one of the final candidates for the chancellor position at Riverside City College.

Arterberry aims for chancellorship

Stan Arterberry returns to Riverside City College as a candidate for the position of chancellor of the RCC District with a history at RCC and a past laden with progressive if sometimes unwelcome ideas. In 1974, after attending Whittier College, Atlanta University and eventually receiving a certificate from Harvard University’s Institute for Educational Management, Arterberry began his ascension through the California leadership at RCC.