Thrills style and more at ‘Electric Chair’

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By Corinne Love

By Corinne Love

It could be intimidating, the title of the store’s name, the electric chair brings to mind images of prisoners being executed, but this is just a place to get cool clothing and maybe a piercing or two.

Nestled in the Shopping district Off the Mall and adjacent to the Tyler Mall , Electric Chair is almost in a blink and you miss it location.

Regardless it attracts numerous costumers daily.

The Electric Chair was originally Sunline Surfboards in 1980 and it became “The Electric Chair” in 1983.

The expansion of alternative music and the punk rock scene aided the growth of numerous locations in California .

The store is decked out with posters varying from Blondie, No Doubt to Johnny Depp. A neon fluorescent sign is properly hung above a wall, illuminating the various music and movie posters.

Racks of clothing carry cardigan sweaters, summer style dresses, t-shirts, plaid pants, skirts and shorts.

Inside the store is a piercing outlet for body piercing and conversing with the individual clerks, who by all the way bring diversity and humor to the store.

Arika, a petite clerk discussed that many people associate the store with the punk subculture and because of that, the store only caters to punks.

Music and fashion have long been intertwined and while The Electric Chair has the Do-It-Yourself work ethic of Punk, it revels in allowing all types of music fans the joy of mixing their style and their likes.

Different customers come in for “different reasons”, Arika says.

Along with different types of music, it’s different types of costumers who walk in to the Electric Chair, on average you could find people just looking for a particular type of jean, or girls looking for Cardigans that sport a broken heart logo.

So if you are looking for the perfect place to find just that something the Electric Chair is the place to go.

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