Celebrity rehab… or not

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By Adrian Pascua

By Adrian Pascua

Welcome to the celebrity rehab red carpet.

In for his amazing racial comedy we have Michael Richards, then Isaiah Washington who called out a fellow cast member for being homosexual in a derogatory way.

Next on the red carpet for their drug addictions are Lindsey Lohan, followed by Britney Spears who also showed an amazing feat of strength by putting an umbrella through an SUV. Now we have former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson who loves rehab so much that he left the very day he checked in.

The most used cop-out: “I was drunk.” They all go to rehab, but I don’t think they take it very seriously, especially since they can leave whenever they want and do whatever they want. If you’re sincere about being in rehab then that’s fine, but if you’re just going to bust a Lohan or a Tyson and leave rehab, party it up, and then go back, don’t even bother going.

Rehab is for people with serious problems, not just the small percentage of the population that gets famous for doing nothing important. I guess if you stab an SUV with an umbrella, then you really need rehab, well that or a really good psychotherapist. I really want to know what kind of drugs Spears takes.

Now for those that have a problem with a loose tongue and a dirty mouth. I’d just like to say that I didn’t know that they had rehab for something like that. If you say something racist, then that sounds like a personal issue that you need to figure out. If you say things because you’re angry I think they have a program for that, it’s called anger management.

Being famous must be so easy. You claim you’re a drunk, you go to rehab for an hour and everything is OK. You’re even allowed to party on your own time. Just go to rehab at least an hour day, then you’re off the hook.

You should only be in rehab when you recognize that you have a problem and you need help, take it seriously, don’t party it up with your friends. Rehabs used to mean that you were trying to clean up your life not make it worse by making it look like a publicity stunt at the club. I’ve always wanted to know how dense one person could be; now I know. Celebrities are supposed to be our role models for young America and in some cases the world.

I know that being a celebrity puts you in the limelight and everyone watches everything you do. That’s the price of fame; it’s not something that you can overlook because you want to lose your cool. The media and the public won’t go away because you want them to.

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