A word on the war for Veteran’s Day

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By Staff Editorial

By Staff Editorial

We have a war taking place much closer to home than the one in Iraq.

This war is between two factions of our government: the Democrats and the Republicans. Ironically, the main point of interest between the parties is the war in Iraq.

The Democrats are cowardly and weak. They are anti-military and do not support our troops. Ultimately, they are more concerned with being politically correct than effectively protecting the country.

The Republicans are bloodthirsty warmongers. By waging an unjust war, they are endangering innocent lives. They would rather have our young men and women in the armed forces die by the hundreds, than abandon this futile battle.

One side argues that this is a war based on greed. There is no enemy, there is only oil.

The other side argues that we are making great strides for both democracy and humanity.

Neither party is as inept as the other would like you to believe. Still, that remains a central talking point in the campaign strategies of each.

Now that the Democrats have taken control of Congress, many would like you to believe that our enemies are dancing through the streets with joy. If our enemies were intelligent, they would not be so thrilled. No matter which party has power, America will not be bullied by enemy forces.

Another topic of debate is when the American troops will be pulled out of Iraq.

One side argues that we should leave immediately to save the lives of our soldiers and Iraqi civilians. The other argues that leaving before the mission is accomplished will negate any and all progress made during the course of the war. If that happens, our soldiers would have fought and sacrificed in vain.

In one ear, the Republicans scream “Keep the troops in Iraq!” and in the other, the Democrats counter “Bring our soldiers home, now!”

Liberty, freedom, safety, security, justice, injustice, oil: these are the issues they want the public to focus on. At this point however, the battle seems to be motivated less by the actual war in Iraq and more so by politics.

Our soldiers have become pawns in a larger game. This game is called the run for the presidency in 2008.

It is like a game of chess, in which each opposing side sacrifices pawns in an attempt to secure its victory.

Each party has taken a stance on the war and will push its own agenda, regardless as to whether it is the right thing for our troops or not.

If we stay in Iraq and continue this war, Republicans will campaign for the White House on its principles of steadfast dedication to freedom and democracy. If our troops are pulled out of the war, Democrats will campaign on the injustice of the war and its salvation of our soldiers.

Politicians need to stop focusing on whether policies on the war will be considered “Democrat” or “Republican” measures. There are more important issues than who will be seated comfortably in the Oval Office after the election of 2008.

This year, at a time around Veteran’s Day, let us take some time to think about the real issues: the lives of our soldiers, not the Republicans or Democrats.

Now is a time for healing.

We need to reconcile the political divide in this country so that we can best protect our troops and bring them home safely. Let us work together to ensure that the soldier who honored his or her fallen comrades this Veteran’s Day will not be a fallen soldier this time next year.

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