The job search solution

Pounding the pavement looking for applications can be a nerve-wracking, tiring process. Well, the tables were turned at Riverside City College on March 14 when the Transfer/Career center put together a fair for many businesses from around the community to talk about different career paths with students. Tables were set up as businesses looked longingly for applicants to approach their booth. Perhaps there is no greater sense of power than when a job-hungry student can feign disinterest to any number of employers. After all, they were searching you out.

Closer to the edge

Here is an almost unknown treasure at RCC: our Landis Art Center Gallery. Most students know it’s there, but not everyone knows that it features riveting artwork. Aptly titled, “On the Edge” features contemporary art portrayed in various mediums. Mike Tracy’s work features robots, carnival themes, and a sense of confusion in his works.

Emergency phones installed

Are you ever afraid that someone is following you across campus? Due to the recent upgrade in campus security, such feelings may now be alleviated. Sergeant Jack Kohlmeier of the RCC police department has led the way in the introduction of emergency telephones on each RCC campus, fifteen on the Riverside campus alone.

Reduced bus fare being sought

Riverside Community College District has started a joint effort with the Riverside Transit Agency to offer discounted fares to students. The negotiations, which began in October, aim to help with the growing population of the area, the traffic congestion and environmental issues that Riverside now faces.

Too hip to be square: unlocking the myth of hipsters

Most people don’t know what a hipster is. The term connotates some kind of bizarre social group. Hipsters are not entirely new. The slang term “hipster” was actually coined in the 1940s, to describe jazz kids. Fast forward to the present; the term is ubiquitous.

The greatest show that you may never see in your life

For those of you going to Coachella, congratulations! For those of us not going now would be a time to ignore your friend’s constant enthusiasm of phrases like “I’m going to Coachella!” Really, who would not be excited to go to one of the biggest music festivals in Southern California? In past years, Coachella has offered the concert-going delights of Depeche Mode, Bjork , Mos Def, The Cure, Tool, Beastie Boys, an piles upon piles of music’s creatively endearing and musically eclectic.

Converting to a Fall Out Boy fan

Fall Out Boy’s new album, entitled “Infinity On High,” can only be described as exactly that: infinite potential at the peak of their career. I was always somewhat of a Fall Out Boy fan, but never to the point that I would actually purchase a full length album, until now.

Dare to enter ‘The Burning Crusade’

On dark street corners nationwide on a late Tuesday night, thousands of addicts piled into mobs, clamoring and begging for just a taste of what was to come. They had been waiting months, even years for this day, and they would not leave without getting their fix.

MxPx ‘lets it happen’ … again

The nearly 15-year old MxPx has, over the years, been as influential on the genre of pop punk as any other band that has come along, touching fans with upbeat melodies and inspirational lyrics. In 1998, a B-sides album called “Let It Happen” was released, containing many rare tracks from the early stages of their career.

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