RCC student body loses a leader

So, Daniel Castro is no longer president of Riverside City College. We will miss him. On Dec. 8, he announced in an e-mail that he was leaving. At the Jan. 11 special meeting of the Board of Trustees it was announced that Castro resigned for “personal reasons.

Twenty four hours of fast food, television, terror

The days of television saving us from reality are over. From the frightening lack of reality in the mass media to the ridiculous measures of national security we now endure, there seems to be little hope for even cartoons anymore. The first casualty of our newfound fear of fantasy was the Fox Network’s smash hit series “24,” in which counter-terrorism agent Jack Bauer saves the country from global terrorists.

Search for a new Chancellor at RCC

Interviews for Chancellor Rotella’s successor have brought the search down to ten candidates. The Board of Trustees met in closed session Feb. 2 and 3 to interview the ten hopefuls. The three finalists for the position will be announced at the next Board of Trustees meeting, taking place Feb.

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