A modern day holocaust, nobody seems to notice

America’s fighting the wrong war and the wrong terror. In Darfur, Sudan, almost half a million innocent people have been murdered in less time than the Iraqi conflict has been making headlines. The mostly Arab group of militiamen referred to as the Janaweed is slaughtering the non-Arab tribes of the area.

A Cheese-tastic holiday

Every year around mid-November artists rush out collections of syrupy versions of “Silent Night” and “Jingle Bells.” The music can become so predictable, that you really only need one Christmas album for the rest of your life – ever. If you decide to buy a second one though, pick up Richard Cheese’s “Silent Nightclub.

‘Let’s get it on’ with the UFC

Blood splatters onto the mat. Debilitating punches land on the face and body, inflicting as much physical damage as humanly possible. Stiff kicks knot up an opponent’s muscles. Faint gurgling sounds are heard as a man’s life is nearly choked out of him.

Old tech meets new tech

The RCCD Printing and Graphics Center, which is responsible for all on-campus printing, is hoping to see a major technology upgrade. In order to do the massive amounts of printing required by the school district, the Graphics Center uses a printing press that operates by pressing a series of ink-covered plates onto paper that is being run through.

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