Month: November 2006

Water polo takes a dive

How did we mess this up? We had beat them three times this season. We were supposed to be the state champions. What went wrong? The game began at 1 p.m. on Nov. 18. Thirty-eight stressful game minuets later, Long Beach City College was crowned 2006 COA Women’s State Water Polo Champions.

Bring on the gore; Horrorfest thrills, kills

“(It’s)Too graphic…too disturbing…too shocking for general audiences.” These are some of the terms used to describe After Dark Films’ “8 Films to Die For,” also known as “Horrorfest 2006.” Stretching from Nov. 17 to Nov. 18, the macabre film festival showcased 8 films (with one bonus film) in 500 theaters that were deemed unfit for mainstream release .

American Music Awards 2006

What a way to waste three hours. ABC’s American Music Awards aired Nov 22 and the ceremony opened and closed with lackluster. Of course a grocery list of performances were supposed to help, but really did not. Beyonce opened the show with “Irreplaceable” but all she treated audiences to was wind blown hair and four inch glitter heels.

The Deaf have a lot to ‘say’

They go to Starbucks. They gossip. They play computer games and watch TV. They look forward to college and careers. The only thing different about deaf people is that they cannot hear. “Deafness” refers to different degrees of hearing loss. Some people are completely deaf, while others are considered “hard of hearing.

Fall sports preview

The Tigers are back again this year for another season of great water polo. Last season the women’s team finished the season clinching the Cypress College Tournament Championship with a record-breaking winning streak of 36 matches. They opened the 2006 season with the No.

Instructors bare it all

Surprise! Our professors are talented. No, really, go see for yourself. The Landis Art Center Gallery has some excellent art pieces on display, ranging from pastel to pottery, from acrylic to xerox transfer, literally baring the souls of these artists/educators for our viewing pleasure.