Month: November 2006

Easy money will eat your heart

Remember the old days of baseball, when the greats of the game ran the bases out of pure passion, regardless of their paychecks? Neither do I, and that’s the problem. It seems like financial injustice is a part of American culture these days. There’s apple pie, baseball, I Love Lucy, and financial injustice.

The Fountain

Difficult. If there were any word more applicable to describe the experience of watching Darren Aronofsky’s latest venture into cinema, it might just exist in the world of “The Fountain.” This isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy the film. Quite the contrary, actually; it is a terrific blend of fine acting, a compelling and original story, and dazzling special effects.

‘Requiem’ for a Dream: Our Last Requiem rocks The Vibe

Piercing green laser lights and the heavy outpour of an industrial fog machine fill The Vibe in downtown Riverside. A small but loyal crowd gathers round and, having waited almost an hour and a half since doors opened, is becoming a bit restless. Metal, hardcore, and punk fans alike come to see their money’s worth, and prepare themselves for the show as five men take the stage.

Student Success at RCC

A report by the Public Policy Institute of California that says that within the California Community College system only 10 percent of students who intend to get a degree, and only 26 percent of those hoping to transfer, achieve their goals. With over 15,000 students attending Riverside City College Viewpoints decided to sit down with Daniel Castro, the college president, to see how RCC fared in relation to this report.

Mr. Perfect: The final countdown

The end is near. The end of this semester is coming to a close and with it myself. So here are something’s that have to happen before I go. Number one, study for finals. I love it how many people blow off studying because they think they can study the night before finals and learn everything in a few hours which they were supposed to learn over the semester.

Dude where’s my slang?

Slang has been around for years. In every society, every country, there are easier ways to say things than to actually come out and say them. Some slang we even use unconsciously. It’s one of those things that just…is. I’m not sure an in-depth analysis of slang and why we use it is really necessary, but nonetheless, we all know that something does not need to be necessary for it to happen.

A feast for the poor, needy

The Riverside County Workforce Development Center hosted a Thanksgiving lunch on Nov. 21 for members of the community in need. The lunch, consisting of 14 turkeys and heaps of sides, went on from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., and fed nearly 200 people. Students of the Riverside County Culinary Academy, a part of Riverside City College, cooked with food paid for entirely by the staff of the Workforce Development Center.

Working in a winter wonderland

If you hear the loud sounds of screaming children and jingle bells, don’t worry. It’s not a scene out of “Freddy Kruger’s Christmas on Elm Street” – it’s just Santa’s workshop. Being one of Santa’s helpers is an unusual seasonal job. Without the labor of each of Santa’s “elves,” those embarrassing pictures many children have screaming their heads off while sitting on the lap of a big man in red would never exist.