Trannyforce: heroes in disguise

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By Anthony Whitacre

By Anthony Whitacre

It’s a man’s world in this modern age and society. At least it was until gay activists started winning and same sex couples started getting married.

With the turnover of the century a lot of different media started coming out of the gay community besides porn. For example, gay comedies where there’s not an ounce of sex at all and actually a plot started coming out.

So with everything going gay, fashion, music, and especially heterosexuals who finally admit it (You know who I’m talking about!), it’s not surprising to see gay iconed superheroes.

Originally known as the Girly Force, four female warriors crash land on Earth and die after fleeing the destruction of their home planet; their spirits, however, sought refugee in three boys and their dog Yasha who were out camping in the woods one night. The boys never realized anything was wrong until they started having weird dreams and when Earth’s glamour is put in danger by the Dark Dimension, the Girly Force spirits were awakened to save the world.

The three boys, Dino/Trixie, Jeffi/Milla, and Donovan/Evil-Lynn are roommates who live in Belleville. When they transform they become the Tranny Force. They couldn’t be called the Girly Force because they aren’t girls. They are she-male superheroes who fight for glamour, fashion and all things beautiful.

“It’s time for your makeover!” Is the slogan of the transgender crime fighters who fight the ugliness of the evils plaguing Belleville.

With language that wouldn’t be used around your grandma and many sexual references, these are definitely not your daddy’s superheroes. The Tranny Force is a step up in the wave of crime fighters who have descended upon the world in this new day and age that we call 2006 soon to be 2007.

In fact, transgender and gay superheroes are not entirely new concepts. The furthest back dates to 1979 of a comic book character named Northstar whose sexuality was implied in a comic book issue in 1983.

Of course everyone knew he was gay by the hints and one liners the other characters would make about him, how could they not, but it was Devlin Waugh in 1992, who really burst the bubble for future superheroes such as the Tranny Force and the Ambiguously Gay Duo, who was first written trying to seduce a guy that he rescued. How’s that for picking up a date?

Even old time favorite characters from the early ’90s Sailor Moon turned out to be lesbians. We may all remember Amara and Michelle the outer Sailor Scouts who were exclusively lesbians in Japan.

It seems like American culture is becoming more open with sexuality than it ever has been, with brand new ideas breaking the surface of today’s society.

With transgender superheroes like the Tranny Force popping out into the American mainstream we may see movies about gay superheroes trying to brave it in the big bad world. And hopefully it won’t be a tacky superhero porn where Slutman does everyone he rescues if you know what I mean.

So visit the local comic shop and catch up with all your superheroes. If you want to watch some of the Tranny Force movies visit to catch up with the boys, I mean girls, who are risking their lives to save the Earth’s glamour. You’ll be in for laughs, fun, and boys in skirts.

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