Tigers gnaw on roadrunners

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By Haylee Qualls

By Haylee Qualls

The football festivities on Sept. 9, provided the sweet victory tiger fans were hoping for.

Despite two injuries and some hard hits from the College of the Desert defensive line, Riverside City College triumphed with a note-worthy 31-7. RCC is currently ranked 8 by the Commission on Athletics Football Poll. With two consecutive victories, Sept. 16 as well as its game against LA Southwest, a 17-14 win, RCC seems to be on the right track.

“The players have been working hard before hand, and we always see improvement,” said coach Bill Brown, when asked about his team’s success.

So, should tiger fans anticipate a winning season? With players like Deylan Marrow and Richard Murrell, anything is possible.

Sophomore, Deylan Marrow, is definitely one to watch this season on the defensive line. Marrow thwarted two passes from the College of the Desert’s offense, one of which led to an RCC touchdown.

On the offensive, sophomore, Richard Murrell scored two major touchdowns, setting RCC on the path to victory. Offensive coach Mark Paredes says that despite a seemingly perfect game, “they have a ways to go, but they are working hard to develop their full potential.”

However, during the Sept. 9 game, disappointment loomed as a sprawled out Steven Terry, a sophomore defensive back, lay motionless on the field. After some investigative work by the athletic trainers it was determined that Terry had dislocated his elbow due to a hard blow.

“Terry is out for the week,” Brown said.

There is no word yet on whether or not he’ll play the rest of the season.

The team’s outlook for the rest of the season is promising.

Though RCC fell to El Camino on Sept. 16, a 28-22 loss, they still have a whole season ahead of them. Sophomore Daniel Millus broke a school record at the game, passing for a record 349 yards, before being taken out by El Camino.

Millus, who has been a quarterback for 10 years, feels that his team is executing well.

“I feel we’ve been underrated,” said Millus, “We played the first place team and were one touchdown away from winning. I mean, we were yards away from the goal line.”

Millus also credits his team for supporting and believing in him.

“Our team has a great work ethic, the teamwork is all there, and the leadership is strong. We even have leadership meetings with our coaches.”

As the season presses on, the team hopes for the best

“No one can say how we will do overall,” Paredes said. “All I can say is that we are headed in the right direction. If we continue to improve, avoid injuries, and become a more cohesive unit, we are capable of playing championship football.”

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