Injuries threaten season

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By Rachel Nading

By Rachel Nading

Imagine during a soccer game, the center forward anticipates making a winning field goal. Just as she starts to kick, she falls to her knees with pain.

This is the backdrop of the Riverside City College women’s soccer team. They started the season without the starting line-up due to injuries. But can they achieve a great season.

According to Dr. Raj Sindher, sprains are typically knee injuries and tend to be more painful than a clean break.

The knee is often stretched or torn by a sudden twisting motion while the feet remain stationary.

RCC athletic trainer Todd Babcock believes the best treatment for a sprain is the R.I.C.E. system. This treatment regiment consists of rest, ice, compression and elevation of the injured limb.

Bobcock added that failure with to comply with the steps of the RICE system can cause further inflamation, slower recovery time and possiblity that the injury will worsen.

Shannon Kendrick, a goalie for the women’s team has taken the worst beating with a kick to the hip, knee, and several ankle injuries. “They take just a couple days to recoup from.” she said.

When asked what steps to take care of the injury, Michelle Black, a forward on the team mentioned the athletic training center. The athletic training center helps players out with their injury. “Thanks to Guido,” Black said.

With most of the team’s players out with injuries can it affect the team as a whole?

“With just one team mate out it can have a major impact on the team in a bad way,” Kristen Kirsch, a mid-fielder, said. “It’s like baking a cake: if one ingredient is missing it doesn’t taste right.”

With just one player out the team isn’t able to play to their full capacity and it might bring the rest of the team down.

In the game against Saddleback, a goal by Kirsch led the tigers to a 1-0 win. RCC trailed 2-0 in the first half against Santa Ana but Black scored a goal with just minutes left. Within an hour of the game Vicki Hernandez hit Justina Martinez with a pass and Martinez kicked a goal making the score 2-2. RCC Goalies Shannon Kendrick and Raegan Finnie couldn’t keep it a tie. The ending score was 3-2 in Santa Ana’s favor.

“It was a heartbreaking loss but we’ll get them next time,” Coach Lynsey Jalayer said.

With a record of 6 wins and 5 losses their season is right in the middle. You can’t tell which way it will go. “I see a lot of talent; we will have a good season,” Mariana Ludmer, A forward said.

“This team is energetic, motivated to have a winning season,” Bonnie Gomez stated.

“We are tight and we’re dope girls who love soccer,” Gomez said.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for our inspirational coach Lynsey Jalayer,” Black said.

Despite the teams many injuries, they all have a great outlook for the rest of the season.

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