Tigers gnaw on roadrunners

The football festivities on Sept. 9, provided the sweet victory tiger fans were hoping for. Despite two injuries and some hard hits from the College of the Desert defensive line, Riverside City College triumphed with a note-worthy 31-7. RCC is currently ranked 8 by the Commission on Athletics Football Poll.

Enrollment relief coming soon

Enrollment fees for California Community Colleges statewide will be decreasing from $26 a unit to $20 starting Jan 1. The bill, which will take effect on Jan 1, was collaboration among Democrats and Republicans. The governor allocated $19.1 billion towards higher education according to a June 30 press release.

Smoking regulations hazy

With only three designated smoking areas, Riverside City College has very strict smoking regulations. Still, that fact doesn’t stop students from smoking wherever they want. Krystal Cass, a resident RCC smoker, has never been bothered by campus security about smoking in non-designated areas.

Fight Erupts over parking space

One driver wailed on another during a disagreement over a parking spot on the morning of Sept 14. The disturbance occured when one student attacked another on Lot L of the Riverside City Campus. The victim, 20-years-old, had pulled up to another student as he walked to his car, and then asked to have his space, said RCC police.

Mr. Perfect: Parking problems, survival of the fittest

These days finding a parking space on campus can be a struggle of Darwinian proportion. The parking here at RCC has been truly atrocious. The only thing everyone is waiting for is that big parking structure being built next to the football field. Hopefully, it will be able to make up for the parking spaces the school lost.

Corporations are taking over computers

You may not know it, but companies are fighting to control your computer. They aren’t even fighting each other; they’re fighting you. In only a few decades, personal computers have found there way into nearly every home in numerous countries across the globe, and over the years millions of people have discovered just how much these little machines are able to do for them.

Six Flags is taking us for a ride

Six Flags is closed! No, it’s not. It’s been sold to housing developers. No, it’s not. It’s all a big rumor. OK. So those are just a few of the rumors that have surfaced since the Six Flags Corporation announced the potential selling of Six Flags Magic Mountain.


Riverside City College marked the 90th Anniversary of the College with this years Convocation ceremony on Sept. 14 in the Landis Auditorium. “I don’t get it. What is convocation?” RCC student David Stanley asked one of the many people dispersing programs for the event.

Hardware compatability in Windows Vista

Looking much like a mad scientist surrounded by wires and lights and things that go blink in the night, I “Frankensteined” a computer to put Windows Vista on. Last issue I talked about Vista itself and the software that worked and didn’t, so this issue I will focus on the hardware that worked and didn’t.

Format wars: The Hi-Def menace

Let’s face it, eventually you’re going to sacrifice your right arm and offer your firstborn child for that sweet 50-inch plasma television you’ve been eyeing since the holidays. Now, before you venture into the depths of (shudder) Circuit City, you need to arm yourself with knowledge to defend against the despicable species known as the sales clerk.

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