Iraq, who’s going next?

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By Mel J. Fleming III

By Mel J. Fleming III

By most estimates, our military will be in Iraq until at least the year 2009; possibly even further.

We have sent home several thousand soldiers with career ending injuries, and more than 2,100 soldiers have been killed.

Military statistics have shown that recruiting has been low. This is due in part, to the fact that many younger people do not want to lose their lives or become permanently injured. Especially for a war they feel was started by fraudulent means.

According to a newscast on Fox News, the president authorized recalls from the Inactive Ready Reserve. Recalls began in July, and will continue until December.

The IRR is a military status given to most members of the armed forces after their terms of active duty service has ended. IRR service is generally twice the length of time as active duty service.

If you are a veteran, in good physical condition there is a chance of being reinstated to active status. From the time of contact, you have 30 days to comply, or appeal your notice.

If you are a specialist in medical operations, engineering, transportation, or logistics, consider yourself a candidate for recall.

This will certainly hamper any retirement or any lifestyle plans for former members of the military. Imagine you have served, in a dangerous assignment, returned home, and desired to attend college?

That might not be a reality. Many soldiers will find themselves returning to active military service, and might not return able-bodied, if they return alive, that is.

Soldiers then become the cheap labor force of the Industrial Revolution. Forcing soldiers who served willingly, to place their lives in needless jeopardy again.

This is stated in an article from the U.S. Army news service, reported by Sgt. Reeba Critser.

According to Brigadier General Sean Byrne, the First Armored Division of the U.S. Army needs to replace personnel in at least twelve of their divisions, in direct violation of a promise he made to soldiers who were discharged. The lives of many are being affected in a truly negative manner.

The next question I have is this; will your children be next?

What if our military recruitment numbers continue to decline?

Do you honestly think the government will sit by, wondering how to replenish their personnel?

It is only logical to expect a draft legislation to be introduced. Quite a few of those young people in the military now, never expected they would be in wartime action, during their lifetime. Many of them have returned with broken bodies and shattered lives.

The Armed Forces will need well over 200,000 new recruits in order to enable a proper fighting force each year. To those who have served, I say leave them alone to get back to their lives, with spouses and families. They have done their job. Now give them the rest they merited by their service.

Ask yourselves these questions Is this a fair and honorable system to them?

Will you as a college student be next? Could your life be permanently disaffected?

Should the government have the right to alter your lives to such a degree?

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