Trustee tiffs

Childish banter and explosive temper tantrums; this is what you’d find in a kindergarten classroom, not a Board of Trustees meeting. They are the people who decide the fate of the Riverside City College students and faculty. So it’s back to kindergarten with the five members on the board who are fighting like two year olds over a toy.

Were the bells rockin’?

It was a hot day; hellish. It was one huge square of molten asphalt with a stage at one end and overpriced drinks at the other. The stage blocked the toilets, the live art was minimalized, but attendance was up. Apart from the drink prices and live art by Chor, which I experienced firsthand, the rest is hearsay.

Murder was the case

Many people deal with murder at one point in their lives. In my neighborhood murder is committed about every month. The various gangs walking the streets looking for a high to get off of. When a person dies in my neighborhood it’s as if no one really notices.

Rape, harassment and assault, all charges that all users of are either a victim of, or accused of. I, personally have my own MySpace account, it is the most popular Web site today. Which brings a question, how safe is MySpace? MySpace is a Web site that connects 70 million in the United States and some parts of the world.

Iraq, who’s going next?

By most estimates, our military will be in Iraq until at least the year 2009; possibly even further. We have sent home several thousand soldiers with career ending injuries, and more than 2,100 soldiers have been killed. Military statistics have shown that recruiting has been low.

Mr. Perfect

What is one of the main killers in society today? Besides bad breath, which we all know kills, there is that one object called a gun which can kill you in a heartbeat. Hello, all my lovely adoring fans! I missed you. I know you missed me because who wouldn’t.

News Briefs

Science and Nurse Complex coming to a school near you In recent plans sent to the State Chancellor’s Office, the Riverside City College proposed the construction of a 130,000 square foot project that would be comprised of two linked building that will be used for science and nursing students looking to get an education in their fields.

Accesibility made easy

Accessibility, empowerment, education and opportunity describe the vision of the Office of Disabled Student Programs and Services at the Riverside Community College District. Disabled students who desire to obtain a college education at the undergraduate level can access this office which provides products and services to accomplish that academic goal.

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