The games of E3 2006

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By Johnathan Kroncke & David Morris

By Johnathan Kroncke & David Morris

Too Human

A video game that been in development the better part of a decade is finally seeing the light of day on the Xbox 360. It’s being developed by Silicon Knights You play as Baldur, a cybernetic being who must save mankind from an onslaught of killer war machines.

Players can expect a persistent barrage of hack n’ slash mixed with range weapons. Game play seamlessly flows into its two different attack modes. Use the left and right trigger buttons to use range weapons and the right analog stick to hack at enemies with a sword. The camera is fixed and will move as the player rounds a corner or pan out to view the incredible environment powered by the Xbox 360. The camera also pans out when using ranged weapons and comes in close with melee attacks.

Halo 3 Trailer

The exclusive trailer the last installment of the killer Halo series was showcased at E3. All of the shots were rendered in real-time on the Xbox 360 featuring real game aspects, marginal plot line and locations. No other game-play was revealed in the trailer. Vehicles, AI and multiplayer were left out leaving the audience to gauge the depth of those elements by the amount of detail in the Master Chief. The trailer brings the fight back to Earth. “So this is how the world ends.”

Final Fantasy XII

In the twelfth installment of its beloved Final Fantasy series, developer Square Enix takes players to the world of Ivalice The battle system has been revamped for this release. Influenced by Final Fantasy X2, the battle are now real-time. During field exploration all three members of the party will be visible. During combat the player can focus on one while the other two attack, or actively switch between the characters at will.

Resistance: Fall of Man

Sony’s exciting new first-person shooter “Resistance: Fall of Man” is just another in a long line of stunningly beautiful games for the yet to be released PlayStation 3. This one takes place in a fictional 1951 where World War II never happened because of a frightening virus that spread and turned humans into vicious beasts called Chimera. These Chimera are not just strong, they are ugly and the spectacular graphics of the PS3 brings out every sickening detail. The playable demo allowed gamers to explore what looked like an abandoned laboratory filled with Chimera around every corner. The controls are as smooth as silk and perfectly compliment the eye-popping visuals.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

If gamers thought “MSG2” and “MSG3” were special, prepare to be blown away. Needless to say, the game looks amazing thanks to the power of the PlayStation 3. However, the “Metal Gear” series has always been about one thing: a great story. Creator Hideo Kojima has always come up with the most comprehensive storylines that gamers have ever seen and this fourth installment of the series promises to be no exception. Solid Snake is back, and old! Yes, for some undisclosed reason, our beloved Snake looks like an old man. Fortunately, he still knows how to fight a war and is called in for what seems like one last mission. He must take down Revolver Ocelot who, equipped with Liquid Snake’s arm, has taken over a mercenary army. Past allies like Otakon, Meryl and Raiden all make their return in what could be Snake’s last hurrah.

Lost Planet

Capcom’s intense new action game for the Xbox 360 was runner-up for the best action game at E3, and for good reason. While countless other action titles were on display for several different consoles, none stuck out more than this one. “Lost Planet” takes place on a frozen alien world where humans fight to survive against both the creatures on the planet and monstrous invaders looking to make the frozen tundra theirs. The 360’s power is shown here with some amazing sweeping visuals that look very realistic. Gamers are given strange new weapons as they battle it out in single player campaign mode and many other multiplayer modes. “Lost Planet” will be released next winter, just in time for Christmas so start working on those lists now.

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