The games of E3 2006

Too Human A video game that been in development the better part of a decade is finally seeing the light of day on the Xbox 360. It’s being developed by Silicon Knights You play as Baldur, a cybernetic being who must save mankind from an onslaught of killer war machines.

Three days, four hundred booths

Robots and gamers and booth babes, oh my! Yes, the Los Angeles Convention Center was overrun once again by frantic gamers and industry representatives at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3. E3 is the chance for companies and game developers to show off their new wares and give industry insiders and media a first look at games and consoles that have not come out yet. Sony came out in full force to show off their highly anticipated PlayStation 3 and with it, some spectacular new games. However, it’s not always just about the quality of the games but also the quality of the presentation. In an industry convention like E3, it’s all about how you strut your stuff and Sony did so with style. They laid out more than enough PS3’s for gamers to enjoy at their leisure and, more than that, they showcased their new product in an easily accessible way. Anyone could walk up to the displays and expect to wait no more than five minutes before they had the controller in their hands.

Despite missteps ‘Da Vinci’ thrills

The code has been broken and the secret revealed; “The Da Vinci Code” is good, but not great. Dan Brown’s best-seller turned blockbuster has been highly anticipated by millions of fans for almost two years. But as tends to be the case, the hype outweighs the result.

The future of gaming today

The Electronic Entertainment Expo hit Los Angeles on May 9-11, and it was huge. Thousands of gamers and industry representatives flocked to the L.A. Convention Center to be the first to try out the new games and systems before they hit the shelves. Sony was on hand to provide convention-goers with a first look at its highly anticipated PlayStation 3 as well as a plethora of new games for the PS2 and PSP systems.

Experience studying abroad

If you’ve ever wanted to experience a different culture and earn transferable units at the same time, then the Riverside City College Study Abroad program is for you. Jan Schall, who is the RCC Study Abroad coordinator, said that students have a positive experience while they are in the program.

Searching for super stylists

They didn’t even notice me. Maybe it was the sound of ruffling chip bags or soda cans popping as they were being opened that acted as distractions. All of their attention was given to whatever they were having for lunch. Not that I minded. I was trying to get in the air conditioned building as fast as I could anyway, as quickly and as quietly as possible.

Kids today…

Imagine Anne sitting at her computer working on her English assignment. As she types, the bottom of her computer screen is blinking. Someone has sent her an instant message. Her mind quickly shifts gears as she answers the message, then quickly changes gears again as she gets a text message.

The voting results are in!

Student government managed to defy the odds and increased voter turnout this year over last year’s number of 323… by 14 votes. A total of 337 votes were cast with 277 votes electing Michael Gonzales and Sonia Smith as the next ASRCC president and vice president.

Students ‘SHINE’ at RCC

The average age for a typical Riverside City College student is 27. Some delays may have came up for these students–like getting married and having children. Not only are these diligent workers students, but they are also mothers and fathers. These students wear two different, but equally important hats each day.

RCC scores at journalism awards

With a total of 16 awards, Riverside City College’s Viewpoints and Inland Valley News students made their strongest showing to date at the Society of Professional Journalists annual Southern California Excellence in Journalism Awards ceremony. The event, which was held on May 13 at the Riverside Marriott, included winners from such professional newspapers as The Press-Enterprise and the Sun.

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