Month: April 2006

‘Goldfrapp’ rocks the U.K., U.S

Not your parent’s disco Glossy, cold as ice, and wonderfully modern could be used to describe Goldfrapp’s third studio album, “Supernature”. “Supernature” is like its predecessor “Black Cherry” in style, yet it is more accessible. However, even the attempt at accessible pop is a stretch for the duo, comprised of Allison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory.

‘Joe’s Cafe’ is smoking hot

Bebop, DooWop, and classic pop. The toe-tapping tunes of the ’50s and ’60s are brought to life in Performance Riverside’s production of “Smokey Joe’s Café.” The opening night performance on March 31 took a predominantly mature audience, most of whom are season ticket holders, and transported them back to their youth when hemlines were longer, men’s hair was shorter and music moved the masses even without MTV.

Immigration resolution leads to mass demonstrations across the country

“Let us rally against undocumented immigration and send all those immigrants back to where they came from.” Now it doesn’t say exactly that but House Resolution 4437 hits the immigrant population with something similar like that. House Resolution 4437 states that it would “strengthen enforcement of the immigration laws, to enhance border security, and for other purposes.