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By Anthony Whitacre

By Anthony Whitacre

Just being a student at RCC can be stressful.

Not for me though, because I’m perfect.

For all you less perfect people out there, I’ve noticed a lot of strange things that people do in order to have the worst semester of their lives.

First off, please do not take 20 units if you know you cannot handle it.

Not only is it totally asinine, but you could end up hurting your GPA and stressing out like that guy in the Sit N’ Sleep commercials that always cries, “You’re killing me Larry!”

Instead you’ll be running home to cry to your mama about what a failure you are.

She’ll hold you and pat your head while telling you how dumb it was to take so many classes in the first place.

For example, you’re taking really hard classes that are four units each. You don’t know if you can handle the workload. So you decide to take them all to see if you can handle it.

Turns out you can’t. Sucks for you. Now you’ll have to drop them.

I give you props for trying but it was just a big waste of your time, money, and there may be that post-guilty feeling some people feel afterwards.

It’s like going out with someone because you felt sorry for them and then having them follow you around everywhere like a little puppy, but you’re still not interested.

It’s guilt. I hope you feel guilty because that is a bad thing to do, not that I’ve done it before.

“Oh I could’ve stayed and tried to pass,” you’d say, or “I didn’t try my best.”

Waa! Waa! Get over it. It’s your own fault.

A good student knows to take the classes that you feel you can do.

Please do not become a course hog and take everything you can than drop everything.

One, you totally stole a spot someone else could have had. Two, why are you wasting your time? Geez you’re such a hog!

If you can take heavy duty classes in one semester go for it if you know you’ll do well.

Now there have been a lot of class cancellations this semester.

God knows I’m angry because my English class was cancelled. I was all excited and everything.

So it just went to show me that even as perfect as I am, I cannot take on the world. I have my limits.

Every student does. So be a good student. Do all your work and get a great education.

Don’t be a course hog and stop taking courses if you know you can’t handle them.

I have two words for you. “Be smart.”

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