Live like Jack for a day in ’24’

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By Johnathan Kroncke

Jack Bauer is the hero of the day in “24 (Games Press)

By Johnathan Kroncke

The world is going to end in 24 hours.

Now, what are you going to do about it?

Playing as Jack Bauer, you are going to do whatever is necessary in order to stop the threat against your country.

Based on the hit FOX series “24,” 2K Games’ “24: The Game” is a real-time action game with just as much depth and innovation as the series itself.

The actors from the series lend their voices to the game to give it a more authentic feel. Kiefer Sutherland, as Bauer, is just as intense and powerful as if he were acting out the role on television.

Just as in the series, “24: The Game” begins with a seemingly innocent operation lead by Bauer and the members of the government counter terrorism unit, CTU.

However, things become complicated when a deeper plot is soon uncovered, one that could change the course of the American history. As Bauer, you must stop the Vice-President from being assassinated.

The game takes place between the second and third seasons and includes some of the most well-known characters like Tony Almeda and Michelle Dessler who run the Los Angeles branch of CTU along with the agency’s newest addition, Bauer’s daughter Kim. Chloe O’Brian is also included, stationed in Washington D.C., while Chase Edmunds is a fixture in the field.

“24: The Game” is more than just a game based on some show. Instead it actually provides information that the series does not, including how Edmunds and Kim started working at CTU as well as the identity of who orchestrated the assassination attempt on President Palmer at the end of the second season.

Bauer is just as gritty and cool as in series, doing whatever he must in order to complete his mission, even going beyond what CTU has allowed him to do. If a subject has to be tortured before they are willing to give up information, Bauer will not hesitate. His character commands the screen whether it is in the show or the game.

Along with a steely demeanor, Bauer comes complete with his PDA which he uses to obtain schematics and satellite imagery from O’Brian. He also uses new gadgets and guns which players can take off of the bodies of those who get in the way.

The most interesting part of the game is that, like the series, it plays out in real-time. Levels in the game are situated so that an hour passes with the completion of each one and each level has a time limit, adding on to the pressure that builds right up until the end.

The game utilizes a split-screen view when important events are happening in order to show the event from more than one angle. The split-screen view is also used when in the middle of a major battle, allowing players to see the enemy’s movements and plan their strategies accordingly.

Of course, “24: The Game” is not for children, pregnant women or those with heart conditions. The violence and mature plot has garnered it an “M” rating, for mature audiences only.

So if you are looking for that perfect holiday or birthday gift for a small child, you are better off going with one of the many “DragonBall Z” games. However, if you are looking for something a little more intense with great action and incredible story telling, you will be hard-pressed to top “24: The Game.”

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