Going for the gold at SkillsUSA

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By Crystal Carry

By Crystal Carry

The 39th Annual SkillsUSA conference took place April 6-9 in Riverside for its eighth year.

More than 800 students participated in 70 skill competitions and 20 leadership competitions for a chance to go to nationals in Kansas City in June.

“The competition consisted of two phases: a leadership phase where students heard speeches, had interviews and quiz bowls and a skills phase where students participated in skill competitions,” said President/CEO Trent Munsey.

RCC students competed in advertising design, 3D animation, culinary arts, food and beverage, graphic communication, commercial banking, television production and photography.

Richard Coan and his partner Jonathan Heier, who competed in the 3D animation and visualization, had to create an opening sequence for SkillsUSA and took first.

“It was a little stressful because we had to produce the animation in a short amount of time,” Coan said. “But it was pretty easy because everything we learned in class prepared us.”

Michelle Schrokosch, who competed in advertising design, had to come up with four designs for seed packages and she took third.

“This was my first year competing in SkillsUSA and I didn’t know what to expect,” Schrokosch said. “It was fun and I enjoyed it.”

Schrokosch also designed a pin that won first place.

“Everyone in California could enter a design and I got first so it got turned into a pin that is sold at SkillsUSA,” Schrokosch said.

RCC won gold in six competitions and those students will represent RCC at nationals.

Anthony Albini won for culinary arts, Mailee Chau won for commercial banking, Tamara Hagen won for food and beverage, Douglas DuPerron won for graphic communications and Viewpoints photo editor Chris Ullyott won for photography.

“I am so pleased with all of our students,” said adviser Rich Finner. “I wish more students and all the departments would participate.”

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