Immigration resolution leads to mass demonstrations across the country

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By Anthony Whitacre

Students from Rubidoux high school rally near Riverside City Hall in Riverside, Calif. on March 28. The students walked about ten miles Tuesday in protest of bill HR-4437, a bill that would further tighten restrictions on immigration. (Chris Ullyott)

By Anthony Whitacre

“Let us rally against undocumented immigration and send all those immigrants back to where they came from.”

Now it doesn’t say exactly that but House Resolution 4437 hits the immigrant population with something similar like that.

House Resolution 4437 states that it would “strengthen enforcement of the immigration laws, to enhance border security, and for other purposes.”

Now first off this war in Iraq, which is simply stupid, gave someone the incentive to say “Hey, let’s deal with immigrants now because they might be terrorists.”

The president must be really paranoid. I can see his finger reaching for that tiny red missile button ready to blow us all up.

If so then pretty much everyone is doomed.

Back to topic!

So undocumented immigrants are coming into the country? Haven’t they been doing that for years now?

House Resolution 4437 comes into play with stopping those who would help the immigrants.

Say for example a group is devoted to fighting hunger in their county so they help by giving food and clothing to the poor.

H.R. 4437 would make that entire group, wait for it, felons ready to be punished as seen fit because they might have helped an undocumented immigrant who might be here illegally in that group of poor people.

Now is that fair? Should civil rights groups start going around asking people for their visas before they help them?

There are quite a lot of people who are really ticked off about this bill.

High school students have walked out during school skipping out on their education just to make a stand.

Now this bill is not only affecting undocumented immigrants but it may also affect legal immigrants. Due to fear of becoming felons it may make those who are legally here unable to find work because every employer might be afraid of hiring an undocumented worker.

It will make people afraid of immigrants because who knows if they are truly legal. Are you going to ask to see their visa?

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee vetoed this part of the bill at a later time form which it was proposed. So civil rights groups go ahead and help all you want.

That doesn’t stop what may be coming though. You know. Let’s see. How can I clarify this?

Remember Sept. 11?

Did that not cause racial fear and segregation between the Islamic community and the rest of the U.S. until everyone came to their senses and realized that not all Islamic people were evil terrorists trying to kill American economy?

Can’t you just see the headlines now: “Immigrants slaughtered out of racial fear” or “Neighbor against neighbor.”

It seems like normal American media.

At least within this modern society that is so afraid of getting killed by some outside force than they are of what’s actually going on in their society.

So the president’s proposal was for immigrants to work the jobs that no American citizens would. Isn’t that sweet of him?

Someone is getting the short end of the poop stick and it is not the president.

In this “temporary work program” the worker is at the employer’s dispense making it almost seem like slavery. If the employer doesn’t like them they can simply terminate their “contract.”

Now isn’t this “program” just kind of advocating undocumented immigration by letting them come here to work and then shipping them off when they’re finished.

That seems kind of sad on America’s part.

It’s as if we’re teasing them.

“Ha! Ha! You can’t stay here!”

It comes down to what’s stronger.

Our humanity or our fear.

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