A night of transfer possibilities

On March 15 the sun began to disappear under the horizon as students asked questions, which were answered by representatives from familiar universities during transfer night. It was a cold, quiet, humble setting, which took place in front of the Riverside City College Bookstore.

Instructor makes life a work of art

When you first walk into room 101 in the art building, it’s set up is like any other art class. The walls climb pretty high and hanging from them are art posters. Most of the chairs are tall and set in front of large white weathered tables. After your eyes scan down the walls, past the tables, and chairs, there’s this lone figure with a huge warm inviting smile.

Happy 90th birthday to RCC

RCC is 90 years old and as a result a birthday party was held on March 15 to kickoff the events that are to be held throughout the rest of the year. RCC has established its 90 years in existence as a college where its students can get more than they ever imagined. RCC has been around since 1916 serving its community, its students as well as its staff. Upbeat music, good smelling food and laughter filled the RCC Bookstore promenade. The feeling was contagious throughout the celebration. RCC Student Activities Coordinators Doug Graham and Deborah Hall enjoyed the salsa music. They each took turns to explain the banner that proclaimed the phrase and motto that read: “More than you can imagine.” “Back in 1916 when this college was first started, they probably never imagined this college would be as big as it is today,” Graham said. “Ninety years marks 10 years until RCC’s 100th anniversary and not too many colleges can say that they have been around that long. We are going to blow the roof off when we get to our 100th.” Hall echoed this by saying that you can only imagine the things that you can get here at RCC.

Student Trustee elections coming

The Student Trustee elections are coming up; why should you care? The position of Student Trustee sits on the Board of Trustees and gives a report on student issues to the Board. The duties for the position include heading up the District Student Senate, approving or vetoing any legislation passed by that Senate and directing programs.

Fastpitch plans to finish strong

This season has proven to be a long and laborious one for the women on RCC’s fastpitch team. With 10 wins on top of 14 losses so far, the team is looking to improve its standings for the conference games. Coach Michelle Daddona-Moya and assistant coach Tami James are optimistic about their chances. “Fastpitch has just come off of two tough seasons, but we’re seeing that change quite a bit,” Daddona-Moya said. This season’s team is made up of mostly new players, with only three returning players from last year. “Our new players didn’t really know what to expect at the start of the season,” James said. “But through the course of the year, everyone’s made big improvements in their own unique ways.”

From Mexico to America

The RCC men’s 2006 tennis team lives in paradise. The Tigers hold a record of 5-0 in conference and 13-0 overall for this season. One of the RCC men’s tennis players, Flavio Rueda-Gonzalez still remains focused with a great desire to end in a record with no losses.

THE sports column

The Riverside City College tennis teams rock! I know what you are saying, “tennis?” While basketball, baseball and football get a lot of attention the men’s and women’s tennis teams have quietly slipped in as the top teams at RCC today. As you can see on the scoreboard both teams have impressive records so far this season.

Panera proves great for those on the go

“Give your taste buds a kiss on the cheek,” suggested the slogan on the sign. It’s not a guarantee that I will go this far on every first date, but the sandwich I savored at Panera Bread swept me off my feet. A quick drive from Riverside City College will provide you with a cure-all for your palate’s problems.

1,381 points

Passion can separate those who want to make it in the world and those who do not. This may not be the case for some students here at Riverside Community College, but may be the case of a student who is seeking a possible career as a professional women’s basketball player. In particular, Shavonne Smith, a guard on the RCC’s women’s basketball team and more recently, its leading scorer. Recently, RCC’s women’s basketball ended its season with a bang as it celebrated its post-season awards. With Alicia Berber being named Southern California coach of the year and Smith being called to play for the all-star first team, any women’s basketball fan would agree that these awards could not have been given if they did not sweat and give tears for the love of the game.

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