All it takes is a tip to win

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By Kevin Casteneda

By Kevin Casteneda

If anyone is ever going to give you a “tip” on the things you need for a successful basketball team, listen carefully. If they tell you to include two 6’5″ guards with the ability to finish off an amazing game in style, you wouldn’t have to look further than RCC guards, Trayvon Williams and Rodney Yearby.

Their last and second success to put away a close game were nothing short of amazing.

“We wanted to make sure we took the last shot,” coach John Smith said. “The play was executed how we wanted it.”

RCC came prepared to put up a fight versus the Chaffey College Panthers for the second round game of the Southern California Regional.

It also was the underdog, which was not expected to surpass the Panther offense, but nothing expected to happen, ever happens in sports. No matter what level you are at.

The team came out firing, and didn’t let down one bit versus its opponent.

The final minute of the game rolled around, and neither team had given way to a huge lead. With 30 seconds left in regulation, and the scored tied at 94-94, the Tigers forced a turnover on the Panthers. RCC called a timeout to discuss its final second strategy.

The Chaffey defense seemed like it was not going to give way to any last second effort from the Tigers, but sophomore Trayvon Williams found a seam and broke for the basket with 5 seconds remaining.

His shot bounced out the hoop, but teammate Rodney Yearby just elevated higher than anyone else, as his tip went through the hoop. Thus ending an amazing game, with the final score of 96-94.

“The guys came out and executed the game plan to a T,” said coach Smith when asked about his thoughts on the game. “They knew what was at stake, and they never let down. The final play added to an amazing effort by these guys.”

The Tigers not only made it to the playoffs this year, but were also able to say they notched a tally on the win column.

The Tigers seemed like they knew what had to be done in a different atmosphere of play, which is the playoffs.

“Every year the goal is to play in March,” Smith said. “To take each game a step at a time, and see what you get out of it. These guys played a great season. And we will play each playoff game, one step at a time.”

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