Day: March 10, 2006

Alumnus honored

The unveiling of the first renamed RCC street occurred on Feb. 22 in which several guest speakers venerated RCC alumnus Mine´ Okubo. Internationally acclaimed artist, author and human rights activist, Okubo was once an RCC student. After graduating from RCC, she attended UC Berkley where, in 1938, she was awarded the Bertha Taussig Traveling Scholarship which enabled her to travel to Europe to strengthen her artistic skills.

No vagina left behind

If you were circling the Lovekin complex for parking between 9:30-10:30 a.m. on Feb. 21, it is likely that you witnessed a woman in a large pink and purple vagina costume, trimmed with white fur, holding a sign that said, “Honk if you love vaginas.” This provocative occurrence helped to kick off the five-day festival of V-Day activities designed to bring awareness to the issues of global violence against women. What were motorists’ reactions to the giant vagina in their parking lot?

Womens basketball goes to State

If struggling means winning, then the RCC women’s basketball team doesn’t want to play perfectly. Of course coach Alicia Berber really wouldn’t like each game played with struggles in the first half. But the Tigers came out with a win against the Cuesta College Cougars, which pleased Berber. “We could have played a lot better in the first half. But they really picked it up in the second half to get themselves out of trouble,” Berber said. The Tigers started of slow, not really connecting with the basket, shooting only 31 percent from the floor in the first half. They had team play, but none of their plays were executed to make a shot.

All it takes is a tip to win

If anyone is ever going to give you a “tip” on the things you need for a successful basketball team, listen carefully. If they tell you to include two 6’5″ guards with the ability to finish off an amazing game in style, you wouldn’t have to look further than RCC guards, Trayvon Williams and Rodney Yearby.

Cancelations cause distress

Discontentment: It spreads throughout Riverside City College. The word above is a strong word, but in special circumstances and when pertaining to a certain group of people, it can sum up every emotion. Whether or not it’s parking, safety, the high prices of books and tuition, RCC students are put through enough. George Granodo would say so. Two years at RCC would be a desired time spent, but as Granodo pointed out, that goal seems utterly impossible, especially when on the first day of this spring semester you find that your class has been canceled permanently.