Lost items waiting for owners

Cell phones, wallets, laptop computers, checkbooks, camcorders, cash, car keys, a little scooter-these are some of the myriad items which are found at Riverside Community College’s lost and found. The lost and found holds personal property found on campus by conscientious students and staff.

Digital Library – digital checkouts

Despite the technology being available at the Digital Library for several years, most students are still not aware that they are able to check out laptop computers right at the front desk. When told that they can check out laptops, students often react with great surprise.

Riverside to get a school devoted to the arts downtown

Musicians and video game enthusiasts can now look towards Riverside City College for various college level courses being developed at the new Riverside School for the Arts. Activity and construction are progressing elsewhere at RCC. Students are looking forward to a new parking structure adjacent to the Digital Library and the A.

Painting empowerment: Art without ego

When you walk into the studio an object filled with artwork jumps out at you, as your eyes travel around the walls beautiful women are staring at you and when you get to the floor, paint bottles are everywhere. This is where instructor Leslie Brown makes her marks.

RCC celebrates Black History Month with hardwork

Riverside City College students kicked off the spring semester by celebrating Black History Month. Living the legacy of Carter Godwin Woodson, known as the “Father of Black History,” a group of students formed the RCC Black History Month Committee. The members met regularly since December to ensure acknowledgment of the contributions and role of Black Americans.

Gem for vegans in a world of meat

Bliss in the form of a tamale. Being a vegetarian, let alone a vegan in this day and age is tough. Chico’s is located on Magnolia Avenue, around the corner from the Galleria at Tyler and caters to a broader audience than most. The restaurant has been around for two years and is family owned and operated.

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