Individuality in style, different from the norm

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By Alexandra Chavez

By Alexandra Chavez

Sometimes suppressing strong feelings can make things worse.

Rather than holding in my opinions and hoping all will eventually blow over, I must confess one of my biggest peeves at this moment, so here it goes…

Why oh why are guys wearing jeans tighter than spandex leggings? And why do these young men comb their hair over their eyes and spike the back up like a girl’s haircut? Please tell me what’s with the eyeliner and multiple bracelets? Who started this trend and please answer me why?  “Emo boys” are popping up everywhere and it’s just another trend that hopefully will die out by the end of this year…hopefully.

If this style is an attempt to be “different” and “unique” from everyone else–it’s not working.  Uniqueness means not following trends and not caring about what others would think. Also, not reading fashion magazines and seeing what’s “in” or “out,” for a true trendsetter could care less if they were up to date with fashion.

A prime leader of someone with true individual style is Johnny Depp. 

His style is as different as it gets.  He’ll wear the same fedora hat to every event and sometimes the same suit without a care of what others would say. His fashion is timeless and will never go out of date.

Sometimes he’ll put on a pair of goofy glasses and not shave but still carry himself with true elegance.

Rather than wearing tight jeans that show every bulge, try a slim boot cut style by True Religion or Citizens of Humanity- -these jeans can be found at Nordstrom’s.  The newly revamped “Rail” at Nordstrom’s which recently moved down to the first floor over by the cologne counter presents a wide range of jeans that should definitely replace your little sister’s own pair.  As compared to the small cramped setting on the third floor, the new layout is spacious enough to where many options are available and were once never even noticed before.

Now if you’re comfortable with looking like a sausage in your sister’s jeans more power to you! When you come to your senses and realize that the “bulge look” is a little too extreme, check your options at the “Rail” when finding that perfect new denim pant.

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