Day: November 6, 2005

The start of a new season

With the women’s 2005 basketball season at hand they seem to already be mentally prepared for this upcoming season. “I want my players to focus on staying together as a team and as a family,” said coach Alicia Berber. Coach Berber has been coaching for a total of seven years now going on eight.

Bookstore stops the sale of gum

Some of you may have looked for the gum in the Bookstore and found yourself winding around every little corner … until someone told you gum was no longer allowed to be sold. The gum was here, and then gone right before the students’ eyes. Or was it? “Only a few students knew about the new policy,” said store employee LaToya Riggins.

Chancellor emeritus

The term emeritus, loosely translated can mean among the best of retired professionals and officials. The best, not loosely translated, means that there has been competition before and a long list of predecessors who have come and went leaving their legacy behind.