Month: November 2005

The next generation of gaming is upon us

With the holiday seasons coming up this may be your chance to get that one big item on your wish list, one of the new gaming systems perhaps? Well, the only one coming out in time for the holidays is the Xbox 360, but is it worth buying or should you hold out for either the PS3 or the Nintendo Revolution? Here are the known stats and info on the next gen systems, to help you make the decision.

Soccer ties 2-2

The RCC women’s soccer team displayed what it took to obtain a winning season during its game on Nov. 8. Riverside came out attacking and held a strong defense against Saddleback College. Though Riverside wasn’t able to hold the lead, the team showed its ability to stay in full competition with their opponent until the end of the game, tying at 2-2.


Now that Chancellor Emeritus Salvatore Rotella has made the decision to retire next year, where will he go next? Usually, when business executives retire, to compensate them for their years or months on the job, they are given an offer by the board of directors to step down gracefully.

Gum Control

The administration of Riverside Community College had decided long ago that it would be best if chewing gum were unavailable for purchase in the campus bookstore. This was in response to gum issues that plagued facilities maintenance: like gum on pavement, under desks, on walls, in restrooms, in the elevators, just about everywhere.

Gov. Schwarzenegger gets comeuppance

Gov Schwarzenegger had the right idea when he tried to create reform in Sacramento, but trying to translate his on-camera appeal into political capital was a bit naive. The initiative process can be used to side-step the Assembly when it needs to be side-stepped, but if the initiatives are totally lame-o and obvious Republican oriented power grabs, the voters, lacking the time for adequate understanding of the initiatives on the ballot, and used to being lied to in commercials both for and against said initiatives, will almost always settle for the status quo and vote no.