Parking structure construction on schedule

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By Joseph Martinez


By Joseph Martinez

The parking structure planned for Riverside Community College’s Riverside Campus is slated to commence construction in January.

According to Director of Facilities Robert Gurrola, it is estimated to be completed beginning in 2007.

Gurrola said that the architectural design for the parking structure is under review by the State Architecture Department, which reviews the overall safety of the design, such as the access to the parking structure and its structural strength.

The design is given extra scrutiny due to the risk posed by earthquakes. The state holds responsibility for the safety of the parking structure; the city of Riverside is not able to request alterations to the design. An outside construction firm has been hired to convene the actual construction.

Gurrola said that the parking structure has hopes placed upon it by RCC that it will ease the difficult parking situation students face each day. It is planned to be three stories high with a basement, along with a set of tennis courts on the roof.

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